Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Hello everyone it’s Saturday April 23rd and our final card for this week’s Tarot Story from the Hanson – Roberts Tarot deck is the Nine of Pentacles. We might have reached a level of success this week that makes us content. We could even be happy at this point but there is still a ways … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Chakra and Angel Friday – Crown Chakra

Good morning everyone this week on Angel and Chakra Friday we are taking a look at the Crown Chakra. This is the final Chakra associated with the physical body. Placed at the top of the head it is the center for our connection to spirit, wisdom and the divine by whatever name you use. The … Continue reading Chakra and Angel Friday – Crown Chakra

Chakra and Angel Friday

Good morning welcome back to Chakra and Angel Friday. This is an angel week and we’re taking a look at Archangel Uriel, which means Light or Flame of God. I’ve seen variations as God is light and Fire of God. Uriel presents as both male and female, she is a brilliant, powerful being who is … Continue reading Chakra and Angel Friday

Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good Morning! Wisdom is the card that came up for us today. Our card tells us that someone has or is about to come into our lives to help us along on our path. This person may be someone we know or someone new coming for this moment in our lives. They will inspire us … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

SturgeonBreaking Patterns Good morning everyone. It's Sunday March 14, 2021 and we have BJ as our guest reader this week. Let's see what is coming for the collective! Hello everyone. I am using the Native American Oracle Deck by Laura Tuan and Kaya Walker this week. The card for today is Sturgeon. This fish is … Continue reading

The Weekly Tarot Story

The HermitContemplation, Truth, Wisdom Good Friday Morning. I hope everyone has had a fabulous week so far. I love that today's card, The Hermit, comes to us after The Lovers. Yesterday's card suggested we seek out guidance from a trusted person. Today, The Hermit, suggests taking a step back to think and discover whatever truths … Continue reading The Weekly Tarot Story

Today’s Daily Draw

Today's draw gave us two stage cards. The Two of Pentacles as our main card and the Four of Wands as the underlying energy driving our day. Having two stage cards tells us something might be going on behind the scenes we aren't aware of, or perhaps we are fooling ourselves in some respect about … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

We have an interesting pair of cards talking to us about support, change and doing what is necessary. We have the Snow Goose and the Sturgeon as our bottom card. The Goose is a very brave and loyal bird. When a member of the flock is injured or sick members will stay by its side … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

The Weekend Ahead

Energetically there is a great deal going on that could open the door to huge change in the next few days. We had Mercury go retrograde yesterday. This is a planet of communication and yes, it can cause some issues but this cycle is a perfect time to go within and look at where we've … Continue reading The Weekend Ahead