Wednesday Shout Out

Another Really Cool Cover Normally, I would never in a thousand years consider any bands cover of anything Michael Jackson did as comparable to his talent. But, I came across a Blue Grass band on You Tube called Honeywagon. I laughed to myself thinking of a bluegrass version of one of his songs. I was … Continue reading Wednesday Shout Out

Wednesday Shout Out

Today's shout out is to highlight some of my favorite blogs. So, not in any particular order, here are a few of the blogs I really enjoy. Check them out and enjoy! New England Nomad   I am a bit embarrassed to say that I don't know this mans name, but I love his site because he … Continue reading Wednesday Shout Out

Wednesday Shout Out!

Universal Year Numerology Hello Everyone! I bought a new coffeepot so help yourself and get comfy, we're talking Universal Year Numerology today. I have mentioned before that Numerology is something that has fascinated me since I was very young. Everything exists as energy and this energy is cyclical from Birth, Youth, Maturity and finally Death. … Continue reading Wednesday Shout Out!

Wednesday Shout Out

Hello everyone, welcome back. I am glad you stopped by 🙂 We are talking Tarot again today. I am going to show you a variation of a three card spread that I use. I found the spread when I Googled "Tarot Spreads" not really expecting to find anything useful, but I found one and thought … Continue reading Wednesday Shout Out

Wednesday Shoutout ~ Tarot Spreads

Hello Everyone! I am glad you are here. The coffee is hot, so grab a cup     and let's talk Tarot. Vibrant from blabberwockying! was asking me about the deck I use for the Today's Daily Draw. If you have never been to his site you should check it out. I enjoy his posts and … Continue reading Wednesday Shoutout ~ Tarot Spreads

Wednesday Shout Out ~ James Allen

Welcome back my friends to another Wednesday Shout Out! 🙂 I love to read, at any given time I am in the process of reading multiple books. The one I would like to tell you about today is by a writer form the New Thought Movement of the Late 1800's - Early 1900's,  James Allen. … Continue reading Wednesday Shout Out ~ James Allen