I originally wrote this article in 2016. With Ostara just a few days away, I thought I would polish it up a bit and send it along in preparation the Equinox. Prior to Christianity people's lives were built around times of celebration for the God and Goddess of their culture. These were done with Sabbats … Continue reading Ostara


Humans have always wanted to understand the unknown. To that end we seek ways to interpret those thins. One way is through Divination, an ancient practice of seeking knowledge through the use of a tool. This practice can be done in many ways. For example psychic ability could be thought of as a type of … Continue reading Pendulums

The Weekend Ahead

A pair of swords flanking the King of Disks is here to let us know it looks as if any plans we have for the weekend or beyond may need more careful thought. The cards on either side of the King of Disks are the Ace of Swords reversed and the Five of Swords.  When … Continue reading The Weekend Ahead

The Weekend Ahead

Life is full of struggle. It seems, sometimes we are no more done with one and another takes its place. Our Weekend Ahead Tarot Reading tells us to find a peaceful way to overcome any challenges we may have coming to us. The card brining us into our weekend is the Sacred Tree. Its message … Continue reading The Weekend Ahead

Charoite in The Morning Light

Today's crystal topic is a fairly recent discovery found only in the area of the Chara River in Siberia Russia. To date this is the only known location of Charoite, so it is pretty rare as it's also not easy to mine due to its location. The story of Charoites discovery spans 30+ years. A … Continue reading Charoite in The Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

We are being challenged to open our awareness today. We have the King of Swords with Infinity as our underlying energy. Whatever we have going on today is going to require us to get out of our emotions and be as objective as we can. The situation, whether personal or professional, may be something that … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Almost Three Years and Still Fighting

On Sunday it will be three years since Prince Rogers Nelson was Murdered. The story being told is that it was an accidental overdose of Fentanyl. It wasn't an overdose, accidental or otherwise. He was Murdered by people he thought he could trust. I know he was Murdered because on April 21, 2016 at 10:25 … Continue reading Almost Three Years and Still Fighting

Today’s Daily Draw

The Shaman has returned to give us another message. This week he is accompanied by The Falcon as our underlying energy. We know the Shaman tells us that self-knowledge brings freedom. Spiritually the Falcon is a messenger that encourages us to rise above any situation today and seek a new perspective. Focus on what is … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

The underlying energy of our bottom card, The Green Man, may want to push us forward today. When this card comes up in a reading it is to tell us that powerful forces are at work. The old is being released so that there is room for the new. A new phase is about to … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw