The Daily Tarot Story

Three Quarter MoonAdjustments are Required Good morning! It's Sunday February 7, 2021 and we are opening the doors to another weeks Tarot Story. I am using the Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland this week, I don't believe I've used this deck for more than the New Moon posts so I am looking forward what the … Continue reading The Daily Tarot Story

Samhain, the New year

I thought that as Samhain fell on a Thursday this year, I would share this article again. Enjoy! Back in February of 2016 I wrote an article about Imboloc, since that time I’ve been giving some though to doing a series on the Pagan year. (Sometimes I think too much, lol) I finally decided that … Continue reading Samhain, the New year

Today’s Daily Draw

A brand new week brings us a new chance to manifest our dreams or something we need. The underlying energy of the day comes to us from the Magician. I love this card, it tells us that we are more than capable. All we have to do is utilize the tools and the resources at … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Goldstone in The Morning Light

Gold stone is technically not a stone, it's a type of specialized glass made with quartz, sand and copper. Because it is made with crystal and silica I include it in my collection. It has some amazing qualities. The story of how it was first made is kind of up for grabs but the one … Continue reading Goldstone in The Morning Light

A Week at a Glance

I really enjoy doing the daily tarot reading posts. I know BJ does as well. Reading tarot for as long as I have, I enjoy seeing the progression of the energy of a card affecting not only the day it is drawn for but also the potential impact it may have on the next. That … Continue reading A Week at a Glance

Rhodonite in The Morning Light

Rhodonite is pink and black, a combination of manganese and magnesium. It’s very much a Heart Chakra stone that was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1790’s. Rhodonite can be found in small deposits around the world, sometimes with Pyrite, Calcite and Spessartine. A few of the countries this can be found in are Russia, Canada, Brazil, Peru, … Continue reading Rhodonite in The Morning Light

The Weekend Ahead

It seems as if our weekends lately have been full of issues and this one is keeping pace with the past since our underlying energy is coming from the Nine of Wands. It's alright though, this means we're clearing the emotional clutter from our lives and that is never a bad thing. So what is … Continue reading The Weekend Ahead

Heading to Chanhassen

Hello everyone. I am leaving later today for a JusticeDay rally in Chanhassen Minnesota. I am excited for this trip. Several people are joining me the truth of Princes murder is close. This truth will change everything and trigger big changes for the world. I will be gone for a week and because I will … Continue reading Heading to Chanhassen