Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Good Morning! How are we all doing today? Our card for the collective is Butterflies. This card came to us from the universe to tell us to keep our eyes open for these colorful little beauties. They speak to us about transformations. Butterflies are beautiful, delicate and enlightening. They go through so many changes to … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday

Good morning, our final gray sky card is Death and it's kind of an awesome one. I say that because, like the tens, this card is an ending and a beginning. It's known as a card of transformation, they usually happen quickly and are changes which, if we're being honest, are long overdue. Be willing … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday

Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning! Welcome to the Weekly Tarot Story. This week I am using a deck created by one of my favorite producers, Denise Linn, and it’s called Native Spirit Oracle. Everyone is drawn to a deck partly because of its artwork, which is lovely in this deck ❤ I really like how Ms. Linn uses … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Chakra and Angel Friday

Good morning welcome back to Chakra and Angel Friday. This is an angel week and we’re taking a look at Archangel Uriel, which means Light or Flame of God. I’ve seen variations as God is light and Fire of God. Uriel presents as both male and female, she is a brilliant, powerful being who is … Continue reading Chakra and Angel Friday

Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning everyone. I am here with my Angel Wisdom Tarot deck by Radleigh Valentine for our Weekly Tarot Story. This is one of my favorite decks. I love the artwork and the cross reference feature. The deck has a nice hand but can be a little stiff when shuffling. I still love it though! … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

The Daily Tarot Story

ButterflyTransformation Good morning everyone. It is Saturday January 16, 2021 and we have a fabulous card to round out our Daily Tarot Story this week. Our card is Butterfly. The symbolism with butterflies is all about change, transformation and rebirth. So what could this possibly mean for the collective today? When we stop to think … Continue reading The Daily Tarot Story

The Daily Tarot Story

JudgementTaking Stock, Liberation, Transformation Good morning! Here we are midweek in our Tarot Story. The card from the A.E Waite deck that came up for us is Judgement. I like that this is our card. It's perfect for where we are as we move closer to the new year. Judgement is a card of transformation … Continue reading The Daily Tarot Story

Elestial Quartz in The Morning Light

Today's crystal discussion is about an interesting, powerful kind of Quartz called Elestial. It also goes by: Skeletal Quartz, Jacare, Majestic, and Alligator Quartz. From what I understand, Elestial Quartz was first discovered in Africa, but I haven't been able to confirm this. Other sources say it was discovered in Bolivia, again I haven't been … Continue reading Elestial Quartz in The Morning Light

The Week Ahead

As we build up to the final full moon of the year this week, our cards have us reflecting on our lives, looking for clarity and possibilities for our individual futures. The energy taking us into our week is Walking In Beauty. When this card comes to you, it is a reminder to see the … Continue reading The Week Ahead

The Weekend Ahead

With Mercury being retrograde and the approaching Full Moon encouraging us to let go of what no longer serves our highest good, the pressure of change is getting heavier, don't be surprised if things are begining to feel more and more as if something is about to break as we move into our weekend. Chances … Continue reading The Weekend Ahead