Golden Healer Quartz in The Morning Light

I came upon todays crystal a short while ago. It is called Golden Healer Quartz, and the energy is incredibly powerful yet gentle. The lovely golden color comes from iron oxide inclusions that get trapped in the layers of the crystal as it grows. The intensity of the color rages from lemon to mustard and … Continue reading Golden Healer Quartz in The Morning Light

Januarys Lunar Eclipse

Although I don't care for winter, I enjoy the month of January because it gives us so many firsts. It is a clean slate, a brand-new year full of opportunity. We have the first day, the first week, the first bad snow storm, and the first moon phases of the year. January 10th and 11th, depending on where … Continue reading Januarys Lunar Eclipse

Moldavite in The Morning Light

I honestly thought I’d done a post about today’s crystal, Moldavite. I looked for notes and the finished post but, found nothing, so here we go! Moldavite is a very high energy, rare and expensive type of Tektite. A natural glass that, unlike Obsidian, is the result of a meteor impact to the Earth. It gets its … Continue reading Moldavite in The Morning Light

Peach Selenite in The Morning Light

Selenite is the topic of today’s crystal post, specifically Peach Selenite. Back in 2017 I did a post about Selenite and you can see that post here. This mineral is a type of Gypsum known as an evaporate, which means that Selenite is the result of bodies of water that have evaporated leaving the rock … Continue reading Peach Selenite in The Morning Light

Black Kyanite in The Morning Light

I’ve done two previous posts about today’s crystal family, Kyanite. I discussed Blue Kyanite and very recently Green. Today we are talking about Black Kyanite. Another name for this is Witches Broom, and it does kind of resemble traditional broom bristles. As you see it grows differently than other family members. Most Kyanite grows in thin … Continue reading Black Kyanite in The Morning Light