Purple Obsidian in The Morning Light

I’ve done so many crystal posts that I am beginning to lose track of what I have and haven’t written about, even though I have a list! I honestly thought I’d written about this crystal already. Although it is altered, man made, today’s crystal, Purple Obsidian is an accepted part of the crystal community. As you … Continue reading Purple Obsidian in The Morning Light

The Lions Gate is Open

This year has been about change, about being willing to let go of all the things holding us down and holding us back. From both this life and past lives. In July we entered a period of even deeper permanent change. All of this has been preparing us for August, and the Lions Gate. This … Continue reading The Lions Gate is Open

Today’s Daily Draw

We are spiritual beings that naturally feel a desire to be connected to something greater than ourselves. In a world running over with distractions, many people seek to fill that need with things that don't quite hit home which results in being disillusioned with life and having a great feeling of emptiness. Spiritual Growth worked … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Amethyst in the Morning Light

This crystal is a member of the very large Quartz family. Amethyst can be found is a variety of shades from pale to deep purple. Like all crystals, amethyst has a range of characteristics that are helpful for emotional and physical healing. Amethyst works well with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras to open and … Continue reading Amethyst in the Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Contemplation Spending time alone can be just what we need sometimes. Everyone has days where they just want to be alone with their thoughts. There is usually nothing wrong during these times, we just feel like being alone. The Contemplation card is here to tell us that today may be one of those days for … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Spiritual Growth Life is a never-ending series of learning and growth. With each period of growth we change into a new version of ourselves. As we incorporate each lesson into our belief systems we release the old and no longer needed aspects of who we were. Today's card is Spiritual Growth. It hints that we may … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw