Crystal Thursday – Serpentine

Good morning crystal lovers, welcome to Crystal Thursday. This weeks topic is a moderately rare mineral called Serpentine originally posted to my blog on March 31, 2018. From what I found the name Serpentine has two schools of thought. One says it is the color that is snake like. Being green with occasional flecks of … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Serpentine

Infinite in The Morning Light

Back in March of 2018 I wrote about a crystal called Serpentine, follow the link if you would like to to read that post. Today I am writing about a type of Serpentine called Infinite. It was discovered by Steven Rosley while he was in South Africa back in 1994. After he found it, he … Continue reading Infinite in The Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

We have an interesting pair of cards today. Our top card is the Two of Water and the bottom card is the Clown.  The two of cups is about cooperation, compromise and a coming together. The image on the card shows us a man and a womans hand reaching to clasp the other, with some interwoven … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Today's card, Frog, comes to us as a symbol of abundance, and inner peace, but to get there we must be willing to go through a metamorphosis. Frogs live in or near water, which is a symbol of emotion. He also lives on the earth; to help us ground them. The frog is a creature … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw