Crystal Thursday – Tiger’s Eye

Good morning, it’s Thursday and that means Crystal Thursday! Today’s topic is the beautiful shimmery Tiger’s Eye. The original post went up back on December 2, 2017. It’s an interesting stone; Tiger’s Eye is silica based and is actually a type of Quartz. The shimmer you see when turning it in the light comes from … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Tiger’s Eye

Chakra and Angel Friday

Good morning everyone, welcome to Chakra and Angel Friday. This is a Chakra week and we’re looking at the Solar Plexus which is the final of the lower Chakras dealing with our physical being. Its color is yellow and is located slightly above the navel. The Solar Plexus is the center for how we feel … Continue reading Chakra and Angel Friday

Rhyolite in The Morning Light

Todays crystal is one that, until very recently, has never been on my radar. I was at my local metaphysical store to get incense, and one can never be in the shop and not check out the crystals! I saw a bin of Rhyolite, and didn't think much about it. As I moved passed to … Continue reading Rhyolite in The Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Today's card is the Four of Earth. Four is a foundational number, solid, secure, loves order and structure. This card tells us that we are in a good place today. The image, for me, is a promising one. We see a small medicine wheel of stone, the four directions are marked by woven plates. A … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

There are many things that we can learn from the Moose. They teach strength, courage, confidence and fearlessness. The moose is at home in the woods as well as the water. They are massive animals, surprisingly graceful and quiet for their size. Our card brings us a message of self esteem and personal power. We … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Rose Quartz in the Morning Light

Rose Quartz is one of the more beautiful types of quartz. It's opaque color ranges from pale to deep pink from either manganese or titanium in the creation process. This heart chakra crystal radiates a gentle Goddess energy of love in all it's forms, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness for yourself and others. It eases stress, … Continue reading Rose Quartz in the Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Spirit Of Water Water is symbolic of emotion, cleansing and purification. It's also about movement. Even in the confined space of a lake or pond water sends waves of energy onto the shore. Water is life and not meant to be stagnant. Spirit Of Water brings the message to honor our emotions. There is so much … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Opalite in the Morning Light

  Not to be mistaken for a natural opal; this gem is man made but, still has a wonderful energy. Opalite has a milky translucent color, like this one, that flashes blue, green, orange and yellow and pink. This stone has a very gentle, serene energy that balances the yin and yang and works well … Continue reading Opalite in the Morning Light

Don’t Be Nice

Have you ever heard a parent reprimanding their child for bad behavior on the playground, telling them to be nice and forcing the child to apologize? When the child does, there isn't a bit of sincerity in the words. We all have, and on a surface level it's commendable. Every parent wants their children to grow … Continue reading Don’t Be Nice

Today’s Daily Draw

You Are Worth It Love is the foundation upon which everything stands and is built when we accept and love ourselves for who we are, flaws and all. Our card, You Are Worth It, chose us today to say it is alright to be who we are. When we understand that it's OK to be … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw