Crystal Thursday – Sapphire

Good morning everyone. Crystal Thursday has come around again to share some information about Sapphire. The original post was back on December 15 of 2017. This crystal is a type of Corundum that is found in several colors. Blue is the most popular and valuable color but it is also found in pink, green, yellow, … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Sapphire

Today’s Daily Draw

The Four of Earth came back to tell us that today we could be in a position of power and have a choice of directions that we could go. We will need to keep in mind that with this choice comes a good deal of responsibility. The choice we make today will ripple forward to … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Sapphire In The Morning Light

The Sapphire is a very hard crystal that can be found in several colors like pink, green, yellow, clear and blue. Blue is the most well known color of this crystal. Some shades of blue are so deep that the stone appears black.  Sapphires are mined in several countries. Some of these locations are Afghanistan, … Continue reading Sapphire In The Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Getting deeply caught up in a project or a situation can keep us from seeing the obvious detail that can help bring a resolution. Leaving us and everyone else involved frustrated. Higher Ground came to tell us to relax and shift our perspective a bit today. Stepping away and putting some distance between us and  … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw