No More Resolutions

Hello my friends 🙂 Welcome back I am so glad you are here! With a new year underway I have been giving thought to the whole idea of resolutions and I decided that they are pretty much a waste of time. I think the issue is partly due to the word itself. Resolution The word … Continue reading No More Resolutions

My Reiki Story

  Welcome back everyone. The coffee is hot so help yourself. We are doing a revisit today. I recently had a new follower ask me about Reiki. I had been thinking of doing a blog post about how I discovered Reiki for next week. Then Suchi asked me about it and I'm thinking OK I … Continue reading My Reiki Story

Today was a Win

  I had a conversation recently with a co-worker that is going through some relationship issues. We talked for sometime while working on the duties we needed to get done. I listened and let him get his frustrations out and did my best to be supportive and offer advice when he asked. At one point … Continue reading Today was a Win


Welcome back! 🙂 Glad to see you today. Making people better is what I have always wanted to do. Not be a doctor, that never pulled at my soul. I want to help people Be and Feel better. I remember two events that triggered this path. The first was, gosh, another lifetime ago. My son … Continue reading Healing