Wednesday Shout Out

Hello everyone, welcome back. I am glad you stopped by 🙂 We are talking Tarot again today. I am going to show you a variation of a three card spread that I use. I found the spread when I Googled "Tarot Spreads" not really expecting to find anything useful, but I found one and thought … Continue reading Wednesday Shout Out

Staying Positive Can Be Difficult

Hello, welcome back! I was talking with a friend the other day about how it can be a struggle to keep a positive attitude when you are working toward a goal, and it got me thinking. :0  You want to stay positive but those nasty negative thoughts creep in and that sends your mind down … Continue reading Staying Positive Can Be Difficult

The Quote Challenge – Keep Believing 2

I was nominated by a fantastic lady that has an equally fantastic blog for the 3 Day Quote Challenge.  This is pretty cool and I am honored that she chose me to carry on the challenge. The topic of this challenge is “Keep Believing”. The rules for the challenge are as follows Thank the blogger, who nominated … Continue reading The Quote Challenge – Keep Believing 2


  Good Morning, Welcome back 🙂 On Sept. 3 David Snape posted a question on his Facebook and blog David Snape and Friends the question was about labeling people and whether or not it is a good thing. I thought this was an intriguing question and would make a good blog post. This post was my response … Continue reading Labels

The Never Lessons

  Hello again, welcome back ❤ My Father went home 28 years ago. Not a single day goes by that I don't think about him. I talk to him a lot and know that he is always near. He rides in the car with me when I'm driving, probably because I drive like my Mother! … Continue reading The Never Lessons

About This Patience Thing!!

   Well hello again, Happy Wednesday!! 🙂 I am getting an earlier than normal start this morning. And, it is a beauty so far.  Patience is a difficult concept to wrap your head around. If you stop to think about it (and I do!!) from the time we are children we are told we must … Continue reading About This Patience Thing!!