Everything Was a Lie

What If…Two Very Powerful Words.But, what if? What if everything we have been taught about this reality, this lifetime and our lives was a lie? Before taking a dive into this rabbit hole let's define reality. According to various dictionaries, reality is something that exists, can be experienced and has substance. I suppose this is … Continue reading Everything Was a Lie

Today’s Daily Draw

Every part of our lives is ruled by emotion. Every thought, every decision, every dream, every word spoken and action taken is based in how we are feeling and as has a direct effect on our choices and the direction they take us. Today's card, the Seven of Cups, shows a man with his back … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw


Before I see you now and have to wonder Who were you? Before Family and friends told you who you should be and how you should act? Before The media told you how you should look and how you should dress? Before Dreams stopped being possibility and self doubt became reality? Before Life got hard complicated and … Continue reading Before

Love, The Only Truth

From the time my son was young I taught him to question everything. Partly because it made sense. Teaching an Indigo Child to accept nobody's truth but his own was a good thing to do. Another reason was because so little of what we see or understand as real, is not real. It all energy, … Continue reading Love, The Only Truth