Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Good morning welcome to Saturday and the final card for our Weekly Tarot Story. We have the Fool, another card speaking to us about new beginnings. We've had quite a few this week haven't we? It's almost as if we are on the precipice of change whether we want to be or not. That happens … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Good morning everyone. Today we have our third gray sky card and it's another Ace, the Ace of Swords. When a reading has more than one of the same card the energy of the card is multiplied. For the collective this means there is a Really good chance that a new beginning can be ours. … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good morning our second gray sky card for the collective is the Ace of Pentacles. Aces offer the potential for a new beginning. The opportunity is not a fully thought out and ready to go idea, it is a seed that needs to planted and nurtured to fulfillment. The Ace of Pentacles being the earth … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. Happy Easter! Today is a day of new beginnings. It is the start of a new week, the first full week of April and a new opportunity to move ahead in whatever way we feel we need to go. I am using a different type of deck this week for our Weekly … Continue reading The Weekly Tarot Story

The Weekly Tarot Story

Stars in the Sky Good morning all. Something I'd thought to mention Sunday, but didn't is that most of the cards for this weeks Tarot Story jumped as I was shuffling. Now when you're shuffling and a card jumps from the deck, attention must be paid because it holds an important message. Our cards combined … Continue reading The Weekly Tarot Story

The Daily Tarot Story

The FoolNew Beginning, Potential Good morning, what a great card we have today! Our card is The Fool. When this card makes an appearance there is the potential for something new, a new beginning. Whether the new beginning is a job, a relationship, a new project or something else, the opportunity is there. It may … Continue reading The Daily Tarot Story

The Daily Tarot Story

ButterflyTransformation Good morning everyone. It is Saturday January 16, 2021 and we have a fabulous card to round out our Daily Tarot Story this week. Our card is Butterfly. The symbolism with butterflies is all about change, transformation and rebirth. So what could this possibly mean for the collective today? When we stop to think … Continue reading The Daily Tarot Story

The Weekend Ahead

How interesting, it is looking as if our Weekend Ahead might be full of promise that we might not see. The underlying energy of our weekend is the Eight of Swords, suggesting that we might be feeling trapped and may not have the clarity we need. let's take a look at what the cards have … Continue reading The Weekend Ahead

Today’s Daily Draw

The focus of Today's Daily Draw needs to begin with our bottom card, the Two of Swords because we could have a hard and emotional decision to make today. The image on the card shows us a woman sitting on a bench in front of a body of water that appears choppy. This tells us … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

We have another Double Major pairing come up for us! We have The Magician, the number on his card is 1, telling us he is about beginnings and transformation. There is no question about his power and he is here to let us know that when we control our thought we control our reality. We … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw