Today’s Daily Draw

Life makes more sense once we understand who we are and who we want to be. It's at this point that we are less likely to accept other people's ideas and begin searching for our truth. Inner Truths came to us today to let us know that the next step on our journey will be … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

The Hierophant Are we ready for some changes? The card that came up for us today is The Hierophant and with him comes the possibility of some change in our lives. Five is a number of movement, flexibility and expansion. Perhaps it's time to spread our wings. This card has many things going on but … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Coffee Break Chat

The thought occurred to me that I could change the title of these posts to Coffee Break Rant. But, that isn't the energy I want to be putting out, so I will leave it as is. As always, help yourself to a cup of coffee and get comfy. We are chatting about how to reach closed-minded people … Continue reading Coffee Break Chat

Living Our Truth

I have been thinking about truth. Can anyone be truly authentic in the way they live? What is it to be authentic? To me it's living in a way that honors your personal beliefs and values. I think that it's doable, but not easy. We live in an age where fake and conformity are valued more highly than personal … Continue reading Living Our Truth