Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning everyone; here we are at the final two days of January which open into February. Have you all got your plans for the year in place? I don’t do resolutions anymore, I do a word for the year and that’s been chosen but my plan for the year is still a work in … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Good Morning! Here we are midweek of the last week of the year. The card that came up for us is Moving On. How perfect is that? You have to love it when things fall into place! Our card tells us it’s time to take a much needed journey toward our new beginning. When Moving … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Today’s Daily Draw

Yesterday we were looking for a truth or an answer that would help us over come a problem. Today, it appears, we just need to let an idea or a situation go so that we can move on to something new and better. Our main card is the Six of Swords with an underlying energy … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

We have a pair of Cups today that seem to be telling us we have a choice to make, and that choice may be to walk away. Our cards are the Four of Cups and the Eight of Cups. We know that the realm of Cups is about emotion, so we will need to be … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

The Shaman came up for us today. We see him standing in front of a totem pole. In front of him are his spirit animals, the crow and the wolf. We can see a shimmering light around the Shaman telling us he is communicating with his guides. The crow is a messenger that brings insight and … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

At some point, in everyone's life, we come to the decision that it's time to move on. Sometimes it's a happy choice like getting married or finding your first job and then your own place. Life is not always so happy, is it? Sometimes moving on means the pain of leaving something or someone behind. The … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Finding Normal

The last ten months have been quite a ride. There were days where I would go to Yeshoa and ask why me? I knew the answer he was going to give, and he was so incredibly loving every time I asked. It was karmic. I had a big lesson to learn. Some lessons are rough … Continue reading Finding Normal