Indigo Fluorite in the Morning Light

I’ve done crystal post about fluorite from an overall perspective and to be honest it doesn’t do this family of crystals justice, so I will have to go back and do more in depth posts about the beautiful fluorite crystals I have in my collection. The piece I have to discuss today is rare and … Continue reading Indigo Fluorite in the Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

The Five of Swords came up for us today. We know that the energy of the five is about change and the image on a more traditional card certainly speaks to change for four of the combatants. The message of our card is one of confidence under fire. We could feel like we are in … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Serpentine in the Morning Light

Serpentine is the name of a stone and a group of 20 magnesium-based crystals. This group breaks into two types. Chrysotile, which is fibrous and not available for sale in stone form because asbestos is made from it. The other is solid, Antigorite, and is available for sale to the public. Some of the other … Continue reading Serpentine in the Morning Light

Astrophyllite in the Morning Light

There aren't enough words or time to tell you about how awesome Astrophyllite is. This is an absolutely gorgeous golden brown type of feldspar. ❤ Astrophyllite is a very rare and interesting crystal. It was first discovered in 1854 in Norway. What's so fascinating is that it's not a stand alone crystal. Where some crystals … Continue reading Astrophyllite in the Morning Light

Tourmalinated Quartz in the Morning Light

Black Tourmaline and Quartz in the same crystal creates a powerful combination of energies. The quartz can be found in a range of clear to white with ribbons of the tourmaline visible. The power of these two minerals is in their ability to neutralize negative and electromagnetic energy. Putting a piece near your computer, tv … Continue reading Tourmalinated Quartz in the Morning Light

Smokey Quartz in the Morning Light

This crystal has been known as the stone of power and wonderful for grounding ourselves into the moment and our purpose in this lifetime. Smokey Quartz protects us and our homes from negativity by transmuting the negative energy to positive and it protects us electromagnetic radiation as well. This crystal also will shield us from … Continue reading Smokey Quartz in the Morning Light