The Weekly Tarot Story

Let Go Good morning! It's Thursday, the week is beginning to wind down but we still have work to do. The Tarots ability to deliver a message never ceases to amaze me. Even in a situation, like this, where the read is for a large group of people. The message that needs to be told, … Continue reading The Weekly Tarot Story

The Week Ahead

For many people here in the United States this will be a short work week as we have Thanksgiving on Thursday. Spending time with loved ones can be wonderful, but also stressful. Whether it is a family relationship issue or a work issue, this week's energy could be amplified by some very intense cards that … Continue reading The Week Ahead

Today’s Daily Draw

Three of Swords ~ Reversed The Three of Swords is a card that talks to us about loss and the emotional, sometimes, physical disruption it can bring to our lives. Losing anything that meant a great deal to us can make us feel like we are hanging in mid-air, not able to move, we're just … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw