Why is not the Right Question

Every person who comes to this planet lives an experience unique to them. We all made the choice to come to Earth, none of us were forced. At no point did we think it was going to be easy, because this reality is definitely not meant to be easy! We came for the experience. It’s … Continue reading Why is not the Right Question

Love Is All

I've been getting a consistent message lately when talking to my team back home. It doesn't matter who I am talking to, Mama, Papa, Yeshua, Prince, Archangel Michael or any of my guides. The message is the same. Love Is All  Why is it, when all we have to do is love, we seem to mess it up so many times? It should be so simple. Why … Continue reading Love Is All

Today’s Daily Draw

The Word Tree ~ Reversed We have so many lessons that get thrown at us during our lifetime. Some of them are easy and others, not so much. There are others that we don't pay attention to, or thought we were done with but aren't so we are forced to deal with them time after … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

The Hermit In numerology nine is the number of completion, a time of transition that can leave people worried, confused and fearful about what to do next. All that is seen is the ending, looming so large that there is not hint of the possibilities waiting on the other side. The Hermit chose us today and he … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Not Complicated Enough

Just popping in to say a big HELLO to all you lovely people. I must apologize for my absence. I am so behind in reading and commenting to your blogs. I do miss it. I will do my best to get caught up and back to posting again soon. My excuse is that I am … Continue reading Not Complicated Enough

Today’s Daily Draw

Dreams Each time we go to bed, we drift into a magical place where anything is possible. In the land of dreams we can be and do whatever we want when we please. With the drawing of today's card Dreams, we are asked to pay more attention to them. Dreams are not something to keep … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Mapping The Way Home

Hello my friends, The Daily Draw resonated with me and got me thinking about trust. It occurred to me that life is like a road map. We have the road that is our truest self, sometimes for whatever reason we get off that road. That is where we get lost and confused. Fortunately every road will get us … Continue reading Mapping The Way Home

Today’s Daily Draw

Shaman Knowing ourselves, understanding who we are, what drives us and where we are headed is an important part of our journey. The Shaman came to tell us that maybe we need to do a little re-evaluating today and see if we are on track. Are we ready for what's next? Have we grown and … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw