Crystal Thursday – Larimar

Good morning it’s Thursday and that means Crystal Thursday! This week we’re looking at a rare mineral found only in the Dominican Republic, Larimar. This is from the family of minerals called Pectolite. A sodium calcium based mineral that is quite common around the world but not necessarily as a gem stone. It does seem … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Larimar

Today’s Daily Draw

Life runs in cycles of good and not so good. Sometimes the not so good is simply a matter of perspective rather than a period of lack or bad luck. We get used to things being a certain way and when they don’t go the way we want, we’re not happy about it. We can … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

In the tarot the ten is the fulfillment of a journey through each of the four suits. The path has been traveled, it’s lessons learned bringing us to a time of reflection. The Ten of Water has come to remind us of how far we have come. We may not be where we want to … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Larimar In The Morning Light

Larimar is a type of Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. It was first discovered in 1916 by a priest. He wanted to mine the stone and sought permission from the government but was denied and forgotten. Then in 1974 it was rediscovered by two men, Miguel Mendez and Norman Rilling, while walking on … Continue reading Larimar In The Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Cuddle ~ Longing Here in the United States it’s Memorial Day weekend. The extra day to relax and spend time with family and friends is something most people appreciate. There will be grills in use all over the place in the next couple of days. Memorial Day is a time to pause and remember the … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw