The Weekly Tarot Story

Attempt Hello everyone. It's Tuesday March 2, 2021 and our card is Attempt. When this card comes up it asks if there is something you want but for whatever reason you believe you can't have or achieve it. There can be lots of reasons a person might think this. The world is not in short … Continue reading The Weekly Tarot Story

Today’s Daily Draw

The easy days are great aren't they? Unfortunately not every day is an easy day. Some days take a lot of work. We try and try to get a handle on things. No one is born an expert. Getting good at anything takes a committed effort. This is the message that our card, Practice, brings … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Get Up!

It doesn't matter how often you are knocked to the ground. It doesn't matter how tired you are. Get Up! If you can't get up, crawl. Keep Going, Keep Trying, Keep Believing. Don't quit. Because quitting is FOREVER. Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

Today’s Daily Draw

Practice It doesn't matter what we want to be good at. Whether it's meditating, a sport, a video game, playing an instrument, acting, our job or even a relationship. If we want to be really good at anything it is going to take two things, time and practice. We have to be willing to show … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Spirit Keeper of the East I love that everyday is a do-over, a chance to take another turn, to try a different way or to just keep traveling forward. It's also interesting that we've had so many cards come up with a version of today's message. Spirit Keeper of the East came to tell us … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Forgive and Keep Trying

Why do we continue behaviors we want to stop? A short temper, eating unhealthy or not exercising enough staying in a bad job. Whatever it is we tell ourselves that we are absolutely going to do it differently tomorrow. Next time, we are really going to stick with it. The next times flow by again and again, yet we … Continue reading Forgive and Keep Trying

Today’s Daily Draw

Determination ~ Prepare ~ Relax Have you ever fantasized about having everything you've ever wanted, about not having to worry about a job or the price of anything, ever, if you want something you just go buy it! While it's nice to fantasize about an easy life, today's cards are telling us that whatever we … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw