Chakra and Angel Friday – Archangel Haniel

Good morning everyone. It is Chakra and Angel Friday and we are going to take a look at Archangel Haniel, so let’s get going J Haniel presents as female more than male and is the Angel of Joy. Her name means Grace of God although I found sources that say both Glory and Joy as … Continue reading Chakra and Angel Friday – Archangel Haniel

The Daily Tarot Story

Nine of WaterJoy, Gratitude, Happiness Good morning! It is Tuesday and things seem to be going well so we're feeling pretty good today. The card from Vision Quest Tarot that came up for us is Nine of Water. This is a card gratitude for the abundance in life. The woman's water jars are all full … Continue reading The Daily Tarot Story

Today’s Daily Draw

We have a pair of Threes today. The Three of Cups and our bottom card the Three of Swords Reversed. The Three of Cups tells us the day could be a wonderful one, full of joy and celebration. How is that for synchronicity? Here is the Unites States its the 4th of July, and we … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Ruby Included Zoisite in the Morning Light

This beautiful crystal is a blend of Zoisite, which is a form of Epidote, and Ruby. It was first discovered in 1956 in Tanzania Africa and can also be found in India. The combined energy of these two crystals makes a gorgeous, power packed couple. The only problem is that the Ruby is a very hard crystal … Continue reading Ruby Included Zoisite in the Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Worry, our bottom card today, can cause all kinds of problems can't it? It can make us anticipate the worst possible outcomes, it makes us feel like we aren't capable and it can make us feel like we've made a bad choice because things aren't moving as quickly as we think they should. Today's card … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

What is Happiness?

A few days ago I read a post from Dream Big, Dream Often about happiness being a possible cause for unhappiness. Danny has a wonderful blog. I enjoy his daily questions and observations. They are always thought-provoking. Follow the link to read his happiness post. I commented that for me happiness is more a state … Continue reading What is Happiness?

Today’s Daily Draw

It could be that we are dealing with some kind of disappointment or sadness today. Maybe something hasn't gone as planned, we've been putting in too many hours and we're exhausted or we had a fight with someone we care about. There are many reason why we could be in a place where we just … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

The Meadowlark is a small bird that brings a message of self discovery. Like all birds she teaches us to find a balance between being grounded to our life and letting our imaginations soar. By letting ourselves dream of what might be we discover the person we would like to become. Our meadowlark came to … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

The suit of wands burns with passion, and creativity. The King of Wands came today and he brings a message that an opportunity might be on its way. Our king is a mature man, an energetic born leader with integrity and high standards. The opportunity he will bring is going to be a challenge. He … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Every day is a new beginning, an opportunity for a "do over". What a blessing that is to be able to wipe the slate clean everyday and start again. Spirit Keeper Of the East chose us to let us know that no matter what happened yesterday or any other day in our past is just … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw