Crystal Thursday – Malachite

Good morning Crystal Lovers it's Crystal Thursday and we are taking a look at Malachite, a copper based mineral found all over the world. Mining is done in countries such as Russia, Africa, France England, Mexico and here in the US. Before we get too far into our conversation about Malachite I would like to … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Malachite

Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. I love the way this weeks affirmations are flowing. Today's is I am brave & take on new challenges with ease. I've said it before, you just can't fake this stuff! The more we free ourselves of thoughts, beliefs and anything else holding us back the more receptive, stronger and more confident … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story

Crystal Thursday – Astrophyllite

Good morning crystal lovers. Today's article is about a rare Feldspar called Astrophyllite. My original post was back in March of 2018. In my research for my first post I wasn't able to locate any first find inormation beyond Astrophyllite being found in Norway. This time I found a bit more. The first find was … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Astrophyllite

Crystal Thursday – Black Moonstone

Good Thursday morning everyone. Welcome back to another Crystal Thursday. Today's topic, Black Moonstone, was originally posted on my blog February 23, 2018. This beauty is a member of the Feldspar family and is often confused with Labradorite, another member of the family. I found one source when researching that said Black Moonstone was Labradorite. … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Black Moonstone

Crystal Thursday – Shiva Lingham

Good morning it is Crystal Thursday once again and we are looking at a crystal I originally posted about back on February 16, 2018. Our topic for today is, Shiva Lingham, a rare and sacred stone only found in the Narmanda River in India. During the dry season people go to the river and carefully … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Shiva Lingham

Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning! Welcome to the Weekly Tarot Story. This week I am using a deck created by one of my favorite producers, Denise Linn, and it’s called Native Spirit Oracle. Everyone is drawn to a deck partly because of its artwork, which is lovely in this deck ❤ I really like how Ms. Linn uses … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Crystal Thursday – Larimar

Good morning it’s Thursday and that means Crystal Thursday! This week we’re looking at a rare mineral found only in the Dominican Republic, Larimar. This is from the family of minerals called Pectolite. A sodium calcium based mineral that is quite common around the world but not necessarily as a gem stone. It does seem … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Larimar

Chakra and Angel Friday – Metatron

Good morning everyone, welcome back to Chakra and Angel Friday. This week we’re taking a look at Archangel Metatron. The story of Metatron is an interesting one which begins with Enoch, a pre-flood prophet of God. He was the son of Jared and father of Methuselah in the line of Seth, seven generations out from … Continue reading Chakra and Angel Friday – Metatron

Crystal Thursday – Prehnite

Good morning welcome to Crystal Thursday. Today’s topic was first posted in November of 2017 and is Prehnite. This mineral was first found in the 18th century by a Mineralogist named Hendrik von Prehn.  Born in South Africa he spent many years serving in the military after which he returned to his home in the … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Prehnite

Crystal Thursday – Ammonite

Good morning everyone, welcome to Crystal Thursday. This week we are talking about an ancient mollusk called Ammonite. The original post was back on October 21, 2017. This was the younger sibling to the Nautilus. Unfortunately it didn’t survive the event which took out the dinosaurs and became extinct around 65 million years ago. The … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Ammonite