Crystal thursday – Sodalite

Hello everyone, thank you for coming back to join in another Crystal Thursday. This week we’re talking about the beautiful Blue to Blue Violet mineral, Sodalite. My original post was back on December 21 of 2017. This mineral is sometimes confused with Lapis Lazuli. While Lapis does contain some white, Sodalite doesn’t contain pyrite inclusions … Continue reading Crystal thursday – Sodalite

Crystal Thursday – Tiger’s Eye

Good morning, it’s Thursday and that means Crystal Thursday! Today’s topic is the beautiful shimmery Tiger’s Eye. The original post went up back on December 2, 2017. It’s an interesting stone; Tiger’s Eye is silica based and is actually a type of Quartz. The shimmer you see when turning it in the light comes from … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Tiger’s Eye

Crystal Thursday – Larimar

Good morning it’s Thursday and that means Crystal Thursday! This week we’re looking at a rare mineral found only in the Dominican Republic, Larimar. This is from the family of minerals called Pectolite. A sodium calcium based mineral that is quite common around the world but not necessarily as a gem stone. It does seem … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Larimar

Crystal Thursday – Prehnite

Good morning welcome to Crystal Thursday. Today’s topic was first posted in November of 2017 and is Prehnite. This mineral was first found in the 18th century by a Mineralogist named Hendrik von Prehn.  Born in South Africa he spent many years serving in the military after which he returned to his home in the … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Prehnite

Crystal Thursday – Ammonite

Good morning everyone, welcome to Crystal Thursday. This week we are talking about an ancient mollusk called Ammonite. The original post was back on October 21, 2017. This was the younger sibling to the Nautilus. Unfortunately it didn’t survive the event which took out the dinosaurs and became extinct around 65 million years ago. The … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Ammonite

Rose Quartz in the Morning Light

Rose Quartz is one of the more beautiful types of quartz. It's opaque color ranges from pale to deep pink from either manganese or titanium in the creation process. This heart chakra crystal radiates a gentle Goddess energy of love in all it's forms, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness for yourself and others. It eases stress, … Continue reading Rose Quartz in the Morning Light

Herkimer Diamond in the Morning Light

The Herkimer Diamond got its name from the region where it is found, Herkimer County, New York and is the most powerful of all quartz crystals. This is a sparkling clear double terminated crystal. Occasionally, like this crystal, some pieces have small inclusions or water pockets within them. Being quartz the Herkimer Diamond has all the … Continue reading Herkimer Diamond in the Morning Light

Snowflake Obsidian in the Morning Light

Obsidian is a type of natural glass that forms when lava cools very quickly. It can be found in colors like black, brown and green. Some forms of obsidian have inclusions of mica or feldspar as this piece has. I like snowflake obsidian because it is the yin and yang melded into crystal. Light exists … Continue reading Snowflake Obsidian in the Morning Light

Smokey Quartz in the Morning Light

This crystal has been known as the stone of power and wonderful for grounding ourselves into the moment and our purpose in this lifetime. Smokey Quartz protects us and our homes from negativity by transmuting the negative energy to positive and it protects us electromagnetic radiation as well. This crystal also will shield us from … Continue reading Smokey Quartz in the Morning Light

Opalite in the Morning Light

  Not to be mistaken for a natural opal; this gem is man made but, still has a wonderful energy. Opalite has a milky translucent color, like this one, that flashes blue, green, orange and yellow and pink. This stone has a very gentle, serene energy that balances the yin and yang and works well … Continue reading Opalite in the Morning Light