Today’s Daily Draw

Sometimes the best investment is not so much in something, but someone. The underlying energy of our day is from the Queen of Cups. This lady is about commitment, kindness, stability and compassion. As the underlying energy of the day she is here to help us create something we believe in. She trusts her intuition … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Six of Disks Unexpected help at just the right time is always welcome. The generosity of someones time, knowledge or even finances when needed can go a long way to help get somebody to a more secure place. The Six of Disks came up for us today and it tells a story of giving and … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Be In Service Knowing that you've helped someone and made a difference in their day or their life is a great feeling and the message of today's card, Be In Service. There are lots of ways we can help to others. Giving the waitress that serves your meal a nice tip, hold the elevator for … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Something to Outlive Me

This is from December of last year. I hope you like it.

Element Mind Body Spirit

 Storrs Lake Tree

 When my time here is finished and I’ve gone home
will anything remain to say
I was here for a moment
and the world is better for it?
What will those moments convey
I lived, I loved, I struggled
but found my way?
When time is done and I’ve gone home
what good thing will I have done
to outlive me?


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Today’s Daily Draw

Seven of Water Excess When you are filled with Love, happiness and Joy it is very easy to give to others. Because  your heart is full of love you naturally want to share that happiness and joy with everyone. Especially this time of year. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This card comes to day to remind you … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw