Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Hey, we made it to Saturday and our final card for this weeks Tarot Story is North Node. This node looks to the future and asks us where we want to be and what to be doing next year, or further out maybe five or ten years? Our week started out with Sagittarius encouraging us … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Today’s Daily Draw

The Fool Life is one massive leap of faith, we can prepare all we want but when it comes down to the leather hitting the road, the outcome can be awesome or an epic fail. Either way we've learned something and we were brave enough to make the leap. Today's card is special. The Fool … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Ace of Air I love the Divine Coincidence of the draw. Today we have the Ace of Air to tell us the thoughts that have been spinning through our heads has slowed down. We can now see our path more clearly and have some inspiring ideas for pursuing it. With this newfound inspiration and clarity … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Covington Plaid

Its late and the subway car is not very full. Maricella a chance to breathe. It had been a long day of final checks. Preparation for Fall Fashion Week. Details flew through her head. The final decision is to be made tomorrow. Would her piece make the final cut, make the catwalk? Her future rides … Continue reading Covington Plaid

Today’s Daily Draw

Vision Quest This is the time of year for reflection so it is no surprise that the Vision Quest card would come today. The Vision Quest asks us to take a close look at our values, our belief systems and our goals from a fresh perspective. Is there any baggage or any left over negative … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw