Crystal Thursday – Astrophyllite

Good morning crystal lovers. Today's article is about a rare Feldspar called Astrophyllite. My original post was back in March of 2018. In my research for my first post I wasn't able to locate any first find inormation beyond Astrophyllite being found in Norway. This time I found a bit more. The first find was … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite in the Morning Light

There aren't enough words or time to tell you about how awesome Astrophyllite is. This is an absolutely gorgeous golden brown type of feldspar. ❤ Astrophyllite is a very rare and interesting crystal. It was first discovered in 1854 in Norway. What's so fascinating is that it's not a stand alone crystal. Where some crystals … Continue reading Astrophyllite in the Morning Light

Nuumite In The Morning Light

About a week ago I was doing some research and a mineral called Nuumite was mentioned in passing. I had never heard of it and Googled it to see what it was. A few days later I was at my local metaphysical store to get some incense. Whenever I'm there I have to look at … Continue reading Nuumite In The Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Catch Your Breath Sometimes we need to take a moment, a little break to think, breathe and enjoy some time away from life's noise. This is the message today's card, Catch Your Breath, brings us. At first glance we may be thinking this sounds lovely but I have soooo much to do today. Well my … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

My Favorites: Crystals (pt 3)

  Welcome to the third and final installment of "My Favorites: Crystals"!  I will be wrapping up this list with two different Feldspars and Flourite. I think you will agree they are a good choice for the list. Lets go!!!   Moonstone and Labradorite are Feldspars, an amazing family of stone that I am sure … Continue reading My Favorites: Crystals (pt 3)