Weekly Tarot Story – Ten of Swords

Good morning everyone we are at the beginning of another Weekly Tarot Story today using a beautiful version of the Waite Smith style deck called Golden Art Nouveau by Giulia F. Massaglia. For those who love this time period it’s an absolutely gorgeous deck with lovely detail. The deck has a great energy, a good … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Ten of Swords

Today’s Daily Draw

Ace Of Swords Thoughts are pure potential. That potential, of course, can be good or bad, fulfilled or unfulfilled. The Ace of Swords represents the power of a new beginning, a break through and clear thinking. The card shows an idea as shining hand, wielding a sword, coming out of a cloud of thought. This … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Forgive and Keep Trying

Why do we continue behaviors we want to stop? A short temper, eating unhealthy or not exercising enough staying in a bad job. Whatever it is we tell ourselves that we are absolutely going to do it differently tomorrow. Next time, we are really going to stick with it. The next times flow by again and again, yet we … Continue reading Forgive and Keep Trying

Today’s Daily Draw

The Devil We have some work to do today if we are going to keep ourselves on track. The Devil card indicates there will be a lot of negative energy around us trying to keep us down. This energy is not going to have our best and highest good at the center of their thoughts. … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Three Day Quote Challenge

I was invited by A Momma’s View to participate in the Quote Challenge with a spin. Thank you Sandra for inviting me. This is fun 🙂 The rules are very clean Post one quote a day that is of your creation. Invite one person a day to participate. Easypeasy right! Here we go day two Within you … Continue reading Three Day Quote Challenge