Today’s Daily Draw

For a moment I thought that today's card, Inner Truth, was a mistake. It's not of course, the card that's needed is the one that will come up and sometimes, it comes back often. For whatever reason we need to see it again today. There are some questions we need to be asking ourselves. Are … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

The Moon We all have a dark side, a place within us that is instinctive. A place where fear, insecurity, anxiety, and anger live. Left unchecked these darker parts of ourselves can come out into the light and cause havoc in our lives. We may even project these feelings into our future, taking our potential … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Love, The Only Truth

From the time my son was young I taught him to question everything. Partly because it made sense. Teaching an Indigo Child to accept nobody's truth but his own was a good thing to do. Another reason was because so little of what we see or understand as real, is not real. It all energy, … Continue reading Love, The Only Truth

Neptune and Other Retrograde Stuff

I had originally planned this post to be a Wednesday Coffee Chat thing but as I was getting ready to write about how cool it is that Neptune has gone retrograde, my curiosity was piqued about the other planets. When do they go retrograde and what happens when they do?  I have to be honest, … Continue reading Neptune and Other Retrograde Stuff

The Dark Night

It's interesting to me how silently old beliefs and thought patterns slip back into our lives. Just when we think we've overcome them, there they are again. We think we have grown beyond the doubt and pain inflicted on us by well-meaning friends and family. We think we have won the battle of believing ourselves … Continue reading The Dark Night