Elestial Quartz in The Morning Light

Today's crystal discussion is about an interesting, powerful kind of Quartz called Elestial. It also goes by: Skeletal Quartz, Jacare, Majestic, and Alligator Quartz. From what I understand, Elestial Quartz was first discovered in Africa, but I haven't been able to confirm this. Other sources say it was discovered in Bolivia, again I haven't been … Continue reading Elestial Quartz in The Morning Light

Getting Ready

As we all know this month is guiding us to the beginning of another year, as well as a brand-new decade. One which has the potential to bring huge, long term change to our lives and the world. 2020 is going to be amazing! In preparation for these changes we have several highly energetic events … Continue reading Getting Ready

Charoite in The Morning Light

Today's crystal topic is a fairly recent discovery found only in the area of the Chara River in Siberia Russia. To date this is the only known location of Charoite, so it is pretty rare as it's also not easy to mine due to its location. The story of Charoites discovery spans 30+ years. A … Continue reading Charoite in The Morning Light

Tektite in The Morning Light

Today’s post is interesting because it is, like Quartz, both a crystal and a category. To be more accurate, Tektite is a type of natural glass but one that is not volcanic in nature like Obsidian. The general belief is this type of crystal is the result of high heat or the result of a meteor impact. Some other … Continue reading Tektite in The Morning Light

Honey Calcite in The Morning Light

Calcite has been in use for a very long time. The variety of colors it is found in and ease of carving, Mohs scale of 3, have made it a very beautiful and useful mineral as far back as the time of the Egyptians.   Today we are looking at Honey Calcite. Like all calcite, this … Continue reading Honey Calcite in The Morning Light

The Weekend Ahead

Our weekend Tarot Draw seems to be hinting forward movement is coming. With Mercury on the move again, and Mars getting ready to do the same we can be assured that things are going to start changing real soon. Am I hearing a collective sigh of relief!? Friday starts the weekend off with the Three … Continue reading The Weekend Ahead

Today’s Daily Draw

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster so far, with things that we might be worried about and fears we've buried deep within us. The Moon Card came to add a veil of illusion and possible deception to the mix for us today. When the moon shines in a reading we are potentially … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Some days are a challenge. People can be crabby, there might be equipment, inventory or any number of  problems. The Nine of Wands is here to tell us that we might come close our goal for the day but it's likely to be a bit of a fight getting there. We will be close enough … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Change is the universe daring us to shake up our world and get moving. It's not always easy, or something we look forward to. We humans like to be cozy in our comfort zones. Life though, is meant to be a challenge, to be celebrated and experienced. The card that came to us today tells … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

After what might have been a less than productive day yesterday, we have another card from the suit of wands to give us the motivation to keep going. A new day always brings us new opportunities. On the Two of Wands, we see the merchant standing on the roof of his home, waiting for his ships to … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw