Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Good Morning Everyone. The card for the collective today is Vast Vistas. Have you ever stood on a really high hill with an amazing view in every direction; and felt like everything you saw was yours for the taking if you wanted it? Our card encourages embracing that feeling. Things are moving forward, in some … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Daily Tarot Story

Congratulations, we made it! What a wonderful card to add to our weeks story. The Sun is shining on us today. It was a big job and we got it done. Perhaps we didn't make by the goal we set for ourselves, but we did it, we got there and that is worth celebrating. So, take … Continue reading Daily Tarot Story

Today’s Daily Draw

There seems to be a trend for big life lessons this week! Today continues this trend with the Hanged Man and he is the underlying energy of the day. When he makes an appearance in a reading there is a possibility of changing plans, letting go of old beliefs or seeing things form a new … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Something Tarot Tuesday

A few weeks ago I began to live-stream tarot readings from my Facebook page that I call #SomethingTarotTuesday. It begins at 6pm CST every week; and I invite you to join this live event! Feel free to ask any questions about Tarot, or regarding a personal reading in general. I'm excited to see you there! Blessed … Continue reading Something Tarot Tuesday

The Other Side of Judgment and Fear

  Hello everyone, welcome ❤ I was trying to get caught up reading and commenting to posts the other day and I came to a one that dray0308 from Dream Big Dream Often reblogged. The title of the post was "Worrying About Nothing" This post was about questioning yourself, your choices and decisions rather than just … Continue reading The Other Side of Judgment and Fear