Charoite in The Morning Light

Today's crystal topic is a fairly recent discovery found only in the area of the Chara River in Siberia Russia. To date this is the only known location of Charoite, so it is pretty rare as it's also not easy to mine due to its location. The story of Charoites discovery spans 30+ years. A … Continue reading Charoite in The Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Welcome to a new week, we may be beginning this one with an idea or a feeling we can't seem to let go of. This underlying, grounding energy is from the Longing Card. This tells us that sometimes we feel a need for something so strongly that letting the idea of that thing go is … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Soapstone in The Morning Light

Soapstone, also called Steatite, has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians, Vikings and Native Americans are some of the people who have used this stone. It is found all over the world. A few of the countries are Brazil, Finland, China, Australia and the United Stated. This is a soft stone, … Continue reading Soapstone in The Morning Light

The Road less Traveled

There are no wrong roads. Each will eventually get us where we are meant to be. The question is do we take the easy route or the one less traveled. You would think most people would choose the easy way, but no, we don't. You see, only the bravest souls come here and we almost always choose the hard, less traveled … Continue reading The Road less Traveled

Ruby Included Zoisite in the Morning Light

This beautiful crystal is a blend of Zoisite, which is a form of Epidote, and Ruby. It was first discovered in 1956 in Tanzania Africa and can also be found in India. The combined energy of these two crystals makes a gorgeous, power packed couple. The only problem is that the Ruby is a very hard crystal … Continue reading Ruby Included Zoisite in the Morning Light

You’re A Badass

Before we come to this life and this reality we make all our plans, decide what we are going to learn, what karma we want to work through and who the people in our lives will be. We are excited to come, we think it's going to be so fun and easy when we get … Continue reading You’re A Badass

Carnelian in the Morning Light

Carnelian is a type of quartz called Chalcedony. The color ranges from light to a deep red-orange. The color of passion and creativity, it resonates well with both the root and sacral chakra. They can be clear, speckled or even be banded like and agate. Carnelian works well with both the root and sacral chakra … Continue reading Carnelian in the Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Pause When a card comes to us repeatedly it's asking us to pay attention, there is a message we are not hearing. Today's card, Pause, was here on the fourth and has come back today. This card is an indication that we are missing something. Are we missing out on a blessing because we are … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw