Black Moon Eclipse

This reality was designed to help us thrive. So why do so many of us struggle through our time here? Well, the simple and complex answer is we have forgotten how to live within the flow of life. We don't recognize synchronicities or intuitive nudges when they come to us, we're too busy. Technology has … Continue reading Black Moon Eclipse

Buckle Up!

An eclipse is like a doorway leading to new possibilities. They always bring forward bits of buried emotion to be dealt with and released. We are currently in an eclipse period that is a gateway to transformation which will be felt planet wide. The series began with the July 2nd solar eclipse. With the upcoming lunar … Continue reading Buckle Up!

July Amplified

Energetically July is going to be a very busy month. This is the second and final eclipse season of the year, the first is in January. Normally we have two eclipses, a solar and a lunar to keep things balanced but this season we have three with each falling on or near a Master Number … Continue reading July Amplified

Today’s Daily Draw

Care I thought it was interesting that, Care, came up for us. It makes sense though, with the energy of the new moon eclipse in leo, we might need to be a little kinder to ourselves and others today. We are in a nine month, so we are already in a transition period. Adding the … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Spirit Keeper of the South It's interesting that Spirit Keeper of the South would come up for us in advance of a powerful eclipse in Leo. This eclipse is also taking place on a new moon, so any positive intentions made at this time are amplified. The energy of the cardinal direction of the south … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Strength, Mannaz, Blue Storm Agate Today we have a New Supermoon and a Solar Eclipse, and the message for today is┬áRelease. We fight so hard and hold on so tight to what is familiar and comfortable, even if what we're clinging to isn't the best thing for us. Using all of our strength to hold … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw