Crystal Thursday – Ruby Included Zoisite

Good morning crystal lovers we are back with a crystal combination I originally wrote about back in April of 2018 and that is Ruby Included Zoisite. It was first found by an Englishman named Tom Blevins in the Longido area of Tanzania near Mt. Kilimanjaro sometime between 1949 and 1954. My research hasn't pinpointed a … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Ruby Included Zoisite

Crystal Thursday – Peach Moonstone

Good morning and welcome back. This week we are taking a fresh look at a mineral I originally posted an article about back on the 16th of March in 2018. That mineral, Peach Moonstone, falls into my favorite category which is the Feldspar's. I absolutely love the energy and look of them. My goal is … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Peach Moonstone

Crystal Thursday – African Turquoise Jasper

Hello crystal lovers today's topic, African Turquoise Jasper, was originally posted back on March 9, 2018. Back when I was researching I had difficulty finding any real concrete information about where it was found. Sure I found some awesome characteristics, but just little enough background to make me question whether it's a real thing. I … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – African Turquoise Jasper

Crystal Thursday – Nuumite

Good morning crystal lovers we are back with another amazing gift of nature this week and we are discussing Nuumite. The original post went up back on March 2, 2018. With it's age estimated to be 3 Billion years old, Nuumite is thought to be the oldest mineral on the planet. It's also one of … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Nuumite

Crystal Thursday – Black Moonstone

Good Thursday morning everyone. Welcome back to another Crystal Thursday. Today's topic, Black Moonstone, was originally posted on my blog February 23, 2018. This beauty is a member of the Feldspar family and is often confused with Labradorite, another member of the family. I found one source when researching that said Black Moonstone was Labradorite. … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Black Moonstone

Crystal Thursday – Serpentine

Good morning crystal lovers, welcome to Crystal Thursday. This weeks topic is a moderately rare mineral called Serpentine originally posted to my blog on March 31, 2018. From what I found the name Serpentine has two schools of thought. One says it is the color that is snake like. Being green with occasional flecks of … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Serpentine

Crystal Thursday – Sapphire

Good morning everyone. Crystal Thursday has come around again to share some information about Sapphire. The original post was back on December 15 of 2017. This crystal is a type of Corundum that is found in several colors. Blue is the most popular and valuable color but it is also found in pink, green, yellow, … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Sapphire

Crystal Thursday – Iolite

Good morning everyone. It is Crystal Thursday again and we’re taking a look at the lovely Iolite. My original post for this crystal was back on the 8th of December 2017. Because of its beautiful blue color Iolite is sometimes mistaken for Sapphire. Some even call it Water Sapphire but it has, in fact, a … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Iolite

Crystal Thursday – Pudding Stone

Good morning everyone, welcome to this week’s Crystal Thursday. We are taking a look at a conglomerate called Pudding Stone. To avoid confusion this stone is also spelled as a single word, If you are from or ever lived in Northern Michigan the word is pronounced “Puddin' Stone.” My original post was back on November … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Pudding Stone

Crystal Thursday – Yellow Calcite

Good morning everyone, it’s Crystal Thursday again and this week we’re taking a look at Yellow Calcite. My original post was back on October 28, 2017. Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral containing limestone. It’s actually pretty interesting; given time, the right amount of moisture, temperature and pressure conditions the same base becomes calcite then … Continue reading Crystal Thursday – Yellow Calcite