Red Calcite in The Morning Light

As I was writing the Blue Calcite article, it occurred to me that I had notes about Red Calcite but I didn't remember writing that article. I went looking for the post and didn't see it. I found the notes so here it is! Red Calcite has some qualities in common with its family members. … Continue reading Red Calcite in The Morning Light

Lemurian Blue Calcite

Not all crystals are what they appear to be. Today's crystal topic is a bit of a cautionary tale. There are people in the industry who, for whatever reason, rename a crystal then trademark it. Hype is created about its high vibrational qualities, and market them as the one crystal you absolutely must have. While … Continue reading Lemurian Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite in The Morning Light

I have written several articles about various members of the Calcite clan. There have been several articles. Some of them are about Orange, Yellow, Green, Honey, Pink and Optical Calcite to name a few. Today the crystal being discussed is Blue Calcite. Blue Calcite can be found in Africa, Brazil, India and Mexico. The crystals … Continue reading Blue Calcite in The Morning Light

Phantom Calcite in The Morning Light

I found todays crystal at a local rock and mineral show in Madison. I thought it was interesting, although I have written about several different types of Calcite some of them are here; Optical, Yellow, Green, Orange if you would like to read about them. I'd never seen Calcite like this before, it was called … Continue reading Phantom Calcite in The Morning Light

Orange Calcite in The Morning Light

Calcite is one of those minerals that have been in use for such a long time that it is difficult to pinpoint when and where it was first discovered. The best I can do is to say that Ancient cultures like the Egyptians loved the various colors of Calcite for jewelry as well as other uses. It’s soft 3 on … Continue reading Orange Calcite in The Morning Light

Yellow Calcite in the Morning Light

Calcite is quite a soft crystal that is easily obtained from mines all over the world. It is formed from Calcium Carbonate (limestone) and can be found in variety of colors like clear, orange, yellow, green, blue as well as a few others. This crystal is considered an energy transformer which means that it works … Continue reading Yellow Calcite in the Morning Light

Today’s Daily Draw

Enchantment To children the world is a magickal place full of excitement and wonder. Remember summer days lying in the grass watching bugs go about their business, then turning over and looking at the shapes clouds make as they float across the sky? It was easy to see the magick in a tree or a … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Escape When we feel trapped by a situation, working at our most efficient and creative level is not going to happen. All we can do is think about what is holding us back. We just want the weight off our shoulders and want to be free. Today's card, Escape, is hinting that we may feel … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw