The thoughts we hold and the words we speak are incredibly important. When these two things combine they determine the lives we live. Back on July 13th Danny from Dream Big Dream Often shared a wonderful post about the power of words. You can find that post here.  Check it and Danny's blog out if you haven't … Continue reading Spelling

Is It Really June?

How and when did five months fly by? This is a joke right, no? Well OK, fine! How is this nine year treating you so far? It's been and insightful one for me. I've recognized that I need to make some changes and have set some goals that I am working toward. A nine year can be rough. I'll admit … Continue reading Is It Really June?


Why is it that people choose to stay trapped in limiting thoughts about what one can and can't achieve in their lifetime? To believe that you are so small, so insignificant that your very existence means nothing is sad, it's so incorrect. Please believe You are so incredibly loved and You can achieve anything.   Every life on this planet has … Continue reading Trapped

Fear… Less

Good evening everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. Tonight I am sharing a blog form June of last year.

Element Mind Body Spirit

Fear Less

Hello again everyone, I am glad you are here! 🙂

The concept of fear has been coming up around me a lot lately. I have been hearing the word in conversation and seeing articles about it in news feeds on social media. I found this very interesting and since nothing is accidental in the universe I got the hint and have been giving it some thought. It seems to me that fear has two points of origin. One good and one not so much. The first begins in instinct, the second in the emotions.

Instinct has no emotion, it’s all reaction, fight or flight, self preservation. It’s black and white, no grey and no color. From the standpoint of instinct fear is a very good thing because it makes you think twice before doing something risky. Those few moments can mean the difference between…

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