Today’s Daily Draw

The Hierophant Are we ready for some changes? The card that came up for us today is The Hierophant and with him comes the possibility of some change in our lives. Five is a number of movement, flexibility and expansion. Perhaps it's time to spread our wings. This card has many things going on but … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw


Before I see you now and have to wonder Who were you? Before Family and friends told you who you should be and how you should act? Before The media told you how you should look and how you should dress? Before Dreams stopped being possibility and self doubt became reality? Before Life got hard complicated and … Continue reading Before

Coffee Break Chat

The thought occurred to me that I could change the title of these posts to Coffee Break Rant. But, that isn't the energy I want to be putting out, so I will leave it as is. As always, help yourself to a cup of coffee and get comfy. We are chatting about how to reach closed-minded people … Continue reading Coffee Break Chat

What am I here for?

  ...everything on earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission.  This is the Indian Theory of existence.   ~Mourning Dove Salish   The question "What am I here for?" It is something that everyone asks. It is a question that begins to poke it's head up when … Continue reading What am I here for?