Today’s Daily Draw

Vision Quest Well my friends, Vision Quest came back again. We must be missing something. Perhaps we have an unspoken need or concern on our hearts that even we are unaware of. It might be a good idea to take some time to be alone with our thoughts today to meditate and discover what it … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Signs When we ask a family member or a friend for help the ability or willingness to assist us is apparent. When we ask the Godhead for help, there is always an answer, sometimes it's an answer we do not recognize and it's missed, leaving us to feel alone. The message of today's card is … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Some More Witch Stuff

I had an interesting response from my Family Secret post. Nothing derogatory, WordPress is a great group of people so I didn't expect any negative responses. I did get a couple of requests for more information so I thought I would try to answer some of the questions that I received both from the post … Continue reading Some More Witch Stuff

Wednesday Shoutout ~ Tarot Spreads

Hello Everyone! I am glad you are here. The coffee is hot, so grab a cup     and let's talk Tarot. Vibrant from blabberwockying! was asking me about the deck I use for the Today's Daily Draw. If you have never been to his site you should check it out. I enjoy his posts and … Continue reading Wednesday Shoutout ~ Tarot Spreads

New Moon New Beginnings – A Reprise

Happy New Moon my friends 🙂 In honor of this wonderful and powerful New Moon today I thought that I would bring back a post that I published in January of 2015. The New Moon is a great time to reasses your life and make needed changes. Here is the post slightly edited because I … Continue reading New Moon New Beginnings – A Reprise