Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Hello everyone it’s Saturday April 23rd and our final card for this week’s Tarot Story from the Hanson – Roberts Tarot deck is the Nine of Pentacles. We might have reached a level of success this week that makes us content. We could even be happy at this point but there is still a ways … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Hey everyone how are you doing? I’m BJ your guest reader for week’s Tarot Story and I am using my Sacred Circle Tarot deck by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason. The card starting our week off is a pretty good one, the Ace of Disks. When this card comes to a reading it tells us … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Good Morning! The card that came for us today is Abundance. Our card is here to tell us Abundance is a state of mind. We all have the strength to manifest anything we want or desire. Remember focusing on the blessings we have in our lives is Abundance! When it comes to manifesting something new, remember to … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Good morning and Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate the holiday! Our card for the day is the Four of Water. I find the energy of this card to be a fascinating one. It speaks to abundance but at the same time disappointment. When this card come forward it tells us there is an … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Nephrite in the Morning Light

Good morning everyone and welcome back to Crystal Thursday. Yeah, I’m running a bit late but I am determined to avoid missing a week so better late than missed. Today’s crystal topic is Nephrite. My original post was back on August 10, 2017.      Nephrite fits into a small category with just one other crystal, … Continue reading Nephrite in the Morning Light

The Weekly Tarot Story

Overflow Good morning and welcome to Friday April 2, 2021. Our card for today is Overflow. An overflow can be a good or bad thing. An abundance of friends, family, good health and money is absolutely good. On the other hand an abundance of fear, negativity, ideas or advice isn't. Too much can absolutely be … Continue reading The Weekly Tarot Story

The Weekly Tarot Story

Net Caster Good morning, it's Monday March 29, 2021 and the card for the collective is Net Caster. When this card comes to a reading it lets us know that all the planning and work that's been done has brought us to the edge of what we have been working toward. Everything we've been dreaming … Continue reading The Weekly Tarot Story

The Weekly Tarot Story

Abundance Good morning, it's Monday and our work week begins with Abundance. This is an interesting card to follow yesterday's Look for A Sign. Whatever abundance we are wanting, the signs and guidance given yesterday may point us to the next step closer to our goal. Abundance in whatever form each of us desires is … Continue reading The Weekly Tarot Story

Moss Agate in The Morning Light

Today’s post is about Moss Agate, also called Tree Agate, and it’s technically not an Agate at all. To be honest I can’t tell you why it is in this group of Chalcedony crystals which are members of the Quartz family. An agate forms in layers, giving them bands of color. This is clearly not that … Continue reading Moss Agate in The Morning Light

A Crow and A Pear

Some of you might know that I love crows. I was resale shopping with my son recently and found this cool piece of folk art, I had to have it. After a few days I couldn't help but wonder what the significance a crow sitting on a pear meant. If this was a Partridge and … Continue reading A Crow and A Pear