Did You See It?

I got up early this morning to go out and see the planetary alignment. I couldn’t see Mercury because it was too close to the horizon. If I had driven out to the lake east of town I probably could have but I was happy with what I could see. It made for a nice … Continue reading Did You See It?

Chakra and Angel Friday – Archangel Azrael

Good morning welcome back to chakra and Angel Friday. Today is an Angel week and we’re looking at an Archangel that is not well known, Archangel Azrael.  Archangel Azrael’s name has a couple different meanings depending on what source you reference. One says the name means Whom God Helps and another said Angel of God. … Continue reading Chakra and Angel Friday – Archangel Azrael

Black Moon Eclipse

This reality was designed to help us thrive. So why do so many of us struggle through our time here? Well, the simple and complex answer is we have forgotten how to live within the flow of life. We don’t recognize synchronicities or intuitive nudges when they come to us, we’re too busy. Technology has … Continue reading Black Moon Eclipse

Chakra and Angel Friday – Soul Star

Good morning everyone it’s Chakra and Angel Friday. This is a Chakra week. We are taking a look at the Soul Star Chakra. From this point we have moved away from the physical Chakras to the Trans-personal Chakras located above the head in our energetic bodies. Many people are unaware that Chakras exist above or … Continue reading Chakra and Angel Friday – Soul Star

Why is not the Right Question

Every person who comes to this planet lives an experience unique to them. We all made the choice to come to Earth, none of us were forced. At no point did we think it was going to be easy, because this reality is definitely not meant to be easy! We came for the experience. It’s … Continue reading Why is not the Right Question