August A Deeper Look

Here we are with July almost gone and August ahead of us. Hopefully we made some progress in July, and we look forward to new beginnings. let's take a look at what August has in store for us. Numerology: This is a three month which gives us the energy of joy, and creativity. It should be … Continue reading August A Deeper Look

July A Deeper Look

July is here and with it we begin the second half of our year. Its energy is like a new beginning for us all, as if we are being given a full month of possibilities. Let's take a look and see what is coming. July Numerology: The second half of our year begins on a positive note … Continue reading July A Deeper Look

June: A Deeper Look

June has arrived, we’re half way through the year, and with it comes, warm weather, sunshine, a few thunder storms and long lazy evenings. It’s been a year of world changing events so far. Going forward nothing is going to be the same. That is not necessarily a bad thing, change is good. Speaking of … Continue reading June: A Deeper Look

May: A Deeper Look

May: A Deeper Look For those who are familiar with my yearly Numerology post. I decided to take them a step further and do a monthly break down allowing for a more in-depth look. If you haven't had the opportunity to read my yearly post you can do that here. Welcome to the month of … Continue reading May: A Deeper Look

April: A Deeper Look

For those who are familiar with my yearly Numerology post. I decided to take them a step further and do a monthly break down allowing for a more in-depth look. Welcome to the month of April! It will be April 2nd when this article is published, and all I can say is buckle up because … Continue reading April: A Deeper Look

A Closer Look at March

Some of you may know I do a post every year which takes a look at the numerology of the new year coming in. I expanded that post this year and included the moon phases and other things of interest for each month. If you missed that post you can read it here. I have … Continue reading A Closer Look at March

Prince and his Numbers

  Within this reality we play roles for one another. We create ideas of who we are and masks that reflect the person we want others to identify as us. We know the roles we play may or may not be who we truly are. Some of us struggle to find our truth and discover why we … Continue reading Prince and his Numbers

2020 by The Numbers and More

Welcome to my annual year ahead numerology post. I am taking this article a bit further this year. In addition to the numerology for the year and each month I will be giving moon phase, eclipse and retrograde information as well as a Tarot card for each month. The process of change that began back in 2012 … Continue reading 2020 by The Numbers and More

Today’s Daily Draw

As we move deeper into this time of transformation, self-care and a positive focus are increasingly necessary. The cards that came up for us today, Amplify Your Positive Emotions and Be Gentle with Yourself, are here to encourage us to not lose hope. Things are changing; perhaps not as quickly as we might like, but … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw

Today’s Daily Draw

Today's cards, The Three of Cups and the King of Pentacles, are here to let us know we could have cause for celebration. The Three of Cups is a card of joy and celebration. The King of Pentacles lets us know that while we may have cause to celebrate it is going to take some … Continue reading Today’s Daily Draw