Coffee Break Chat

It has been quite a while since I've had a Coffee Break Chat with you, but today is such a special day, I thought it was a perfect time to have one. It is not just an average Wednesday, today is the day of a Black Moon. You may be thinking, what the heck is … Continue reading Coffee Break Chat

Coffee Break Chat

Winds of Change I had an interesting dream last night/this morning that I wanted to write about and see what y'all think about it. I would appreciate any ideas that may be sent my way. In my dream my brother, sister and myself were in a building. At first glance I thought it might have … Continue reading Coffee Break Chat

Coffee Break Chat

The thought occurred to me that I could change the title of these posts to Coffee Break Rant. But, that isn't the energy I want to be putting out, so I will leave it as is. As always, help yourself to a cup of coffee and get comfy. We are chatting about how to reach closed-minded people … Continue reading Coffee Break Chat

Wednesday Coffee Break Chat

Do you get annoyed when you get sales calls? I understand that people need to make a living but these calls test my patience. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and get comfy. I am ranting a little about solicitors today. I had a telephone call from Charter (note to self, get back on the … Continue reading Wednesday Coffee Break Chat

Dream Big and Danny’s Question of the Day

Danny from Dream Big Dream Often posts a Question of the Day. They are always interesting. The question he posed a couple of weeks ago was. "Did you pause to celebrate the last time you accomplished a goal, big or small"? If you would like to read that post you can find the link to … Continue reading Dream Big and Danny’s Question of the Day

Coffee Break Chat

Hello! We haven't had a chat in a while so help yourself to a cup of coffee and get comphy. Today we are talking about July and Numerology. I know that we are six days in now but this month feels different somehow and I want to explore this a bit. From a Numerology point of … Continue reading Coffee Break Chat

The Moon and Her Phases

Everything is a part of the wheel of life. The wheel turns and a life is begins. Time passes, the wheel turns, life grows and matures. The wheel turns again, life ends and is returned to Mother Earth. Nothing lives outside the cycle. Even the stars are born, live and die in their due time. The wheel … Continue reading The Moon and Her Phases

Neptune and Other Retrograde Stuff

I had originally planned this post to be a Wednesday Coffee Chat thing but as I was getting ready to write about how cool it is that Neptune has gone retrograde, my curiosity was piqued about the other planets. When do they go retrograde and what happens when they do?  I have to be honest, … Continue reading Neptune and Other Retrograde Stuff