Love Letter

What If...Two Very Powerful Words What if you saw the beauty I see in you? What if you could see yourself through the eyes of my heart and witness the grace, kindness, compassion, and ability to love that I see in you? Too often, we are our own worst critics. We see flaws and imperfections … Continue reading Love Letter

Falling Apart

What If…Two Very Powerful Words But, what if? What if, sometimes things must fall apart? It usually happens right about the time we think everything is going well. We’re happy, in a good place, and then out of nowhere life hurls a curveball at our life and the floor drops out from under us. The … Continue reading Falling Apart

Everything Was a Lie

What If…Two Very Powerful Words.But, what if? What if everything we have been taught about this reality, this lifetime and our lives was a lie? Before taking a dive into this rabbit hole let's define reality. According to various dictionaries, reality is something that exists, can be experienced and has substance. I suppose this is … Continue reading Everything Was a Lie

Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Good morning, we have reached the end of this weeks tarot story and have another perfect card wrapping it up; the Ten of Water! This card has several descriptions. It's known as the Rainbow of Promise, the Happy Family card and the Happy Ending card. There may be more but those three were the first … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Good morning everyone. Our story this week is winding down. I hope you have maneuvered through the emotion of the week and now find yourself in a good solid place. Our card is the King of Earth. I'd say that is about as solid as we can get! I love that it's following the Eight … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday

Good morning lets hope we have all the information we need today to get moving because our card for the day is the Eight of Earth. Now following the flow of our cards this eight can play a couple roles. Coming after three water and one air card the Eight of Earth is very well … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday