Falling Apart

What If…
Two Very Powerful Words

But, what if? What if, sometimes things must fall apart? It usually happens right about the time we think everything is going well. We’re happy, in a good place, and then out of nowhere life hurls a curveball at our life and the floor drops out from under us. The shock is real, we can’t comprehend what the hell just happened. For days or weeks afterword we’re lost in a dense fog wondering why, why me? We’re depressed, angry, or looking for someone to blame. Maybe we should have seen it coming, did our intuition try to warn us but we didn’t pay attention?

Would you believe perhaps it was meant to happen? It’s not that anyone wants their life to come crashing down around them but sometimes it’s necessary to wake us up, so we’ll pay attention. Consider the possibility of it being a life course correction. The Divine telling us, nope you’re going the wrong way dear one. We can be so fixated on some aspect of our lives that we failed to see clearly that perhaps it wasn’t actually a path we should have been traveling. We humans are very young and can be stubborn.

Nobody gets through this lifetime unscathed. Earth is a difficult school, and the homework occasionally sucks. While here relationships will end, sometimes badly. People are going to lie and disappoint us, we’ll get sick, lose jobs, those we love will leave. Any number of things can happen to completely turn our lives upside down but rather than looking at it as an ending.; it doesn’t have to be…

Blessed Be,

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