Everything Was a Lie

What If…
Two Very Powerful Words.

But, what if? What if everything we have been taught about this reality, this lifetime and our lives was a lie?

Before taking a dive into this rabbit hole let’s define reality. According to various dictionaries, reality is something that exists, can be experienced and has substance. I suppose this is a valid explanation to a degree. We cannot deny what can be see, touched or experienced. What about our thoughts? They become things; reality. Because we may not have seen or heard it, does it mean it’s not real?

Every thought, belief system, or truth we hold whether positive or negative, is poured into us from the moment we’re born. We grow up with a pre-programmed set of beliefs meant to help us navigate our place in the world. But what if they don’t, what if they’re designed to prevent us from becoming who we are meant to be? What if these pre-programmed ideas are a means of control?

History is written by the victors but there are two sides to every story, making elements of each closer to the actual truth. The victor’s half-truth is designed to control a narrative created by someone in power wanting to remain there, resulting in generations of thought controlled reality. People become sheep following a wolf in sheepherder clothing, completely unaware of their entrapment within a system of partial truth.

One might ask what harm there is in manufacturing a narrative. Well, aside from manipulating an outcome to control what people believe and bolster someone’s fragile ego, nothing. Except the other side of the story is conveniently never allowed to be heard and with this a level of freedom is unknowingly or blindly lost. 

The same is true in our personal lives. Everyone has a different level of comfort related to truth based on their personal experience. Some would rather live with a web of lies about who they are and what they are capable of rather than face any level of truth and do something about it because they feel inadequate to do anything at all. It’s easier to believe years or decades of programming and be the person society says we should be. It lets us off the hook somehow. Fear can do that, can’t it?

This idea is like Plato’s cave. Are you a prisoner in the cave or did you free yourself? Whether prisoner or not buried truths exist within governments, politics, education, history, religion, and even families. It could be said freedom is its own type of prison because when you face a disturbing or uncomfortable reality that, once seen, can’t be unseen. But closed minds lead to closed eyes, and that is a dangerous place to live. It opens us to additional degrees of control and more lost freedoms. Our final question: which side of the cave entrance do you choose?

Euripides said, Question Everything, Learn Something and Answer Nothing.

Blessed Be

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