Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Good Morning and Happy Friday. The card that came for us today is Teeth. Our brain is where our thoughts, beliefs and truths are stored but it is our mouths that express them. In a world where it is so easy to say something hurtful and insulting, an important part of expressing ourselves is how we do it. Do we speak with love and kindness in a way that empowers and lifts people up?

Everyone deserves to be heard but before you say something that might hurt a family member, friend or coworker remember the last time someone said something that hurt your feelings. Then fill your thoughts with ways to deliver your message in a way that is full of love and kindnes.

Keep Smiling, Terry

2 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

  1. I believe all too often the reason people don’t is because they fear being yelled at or ridiculed. But that is giving your power away isn’t it? So yes, speak your truth in a way that empowers you And the other person.


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