Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good Morning Terry here as your guest reader for this weeks, Weekly Tarot Story. The deck I chose is an Oracle deck by Kelly Sullivan Walden called, Dream Oracle. As you know by now it is the colors that first grab my attention and this beautiful deck has deep rich colors that draw you into the scene. The card meanings are very short but easily understood.

The card that came for us is Childhood Home. The person we are today is the result of the environment we grew up in. Whether that was a warm loving and peacful home or one full of anger, tension and pain; the memories of that time are stored in our hearts and minds.

When we dream of our childhood it could mean we are processing unresolved issues that left a strong impact. This is us working through those issues so we can finally free ourselves and leave the past in the past. One more thing here these memories can also be coming up to remind us of our innocence and to enjoy each and every moment of our lives. Life is what happens outside work!

Be blessed, Terry

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