Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday

Good morning lets hope we have all the information we need today to get moving because our card for the day is the Eight of Earth. Now following the flow of our cards this eight can play a couple roles.

Coming after three water and one air card the Eight of Earth is very well timed. Spending four days all up in our emotions and in our head we probably need some grounding. Being able to think straight and make well thought out practical decisions is important.

If our thoughts and emotions are all over the place that isn’t going to happen. Take a walk outside in nature. Even a few minutes can make all the difference. Breath in the fresh air and let all the worry and stress flow out of you. Meditating is another option to ground ourselves and get our balance back.

When you’re feeling a bit more clear headed the Eight of Earth tells us it’s time to get moving. It doesn’t mean full on rubber to the road, unless your at that point. Every new idea or opportunity needs a good plan that covers all the pertinent questions we might need answered before we get going.

Have a lovely day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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