Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good morning everyone today we have another card from the suit of water for the collective; this time it’s the Eight of Water. It hints we might need to leave something behind that at one point was meaningful to us. Since the full Moon is this week, the cycle begins on the 11th, we are in a perfect position to let go of what is not serving our highest good.

With a potential new opportunity coming we need to decide whether to take it or stay where we are. So, the question is how badly do we want whatever the new something is in our lives? If we’re happy where we are, great! But if we do want it we need to make room. We aren’t going to get anywhere hanging onto something that no longer works for us. No matter how painful it might be, be willing to follow your heart and let go if that is what you need to do to make room for the new.

Have a fantastic day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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