Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Hey, how is everyone doin? It is Friday and the week is winding down to everyone’s favorite, the weekend!! Our card today is another full moon, this time the Full Moon in Virgo reminding us we are good enough. Has something or someone set us on a spiral into questioning if we’re good enough for a job, to reach a personal goal or for a potential romantic partner?

First off remember anyone that criticizes and judges sees the object of judgment as a threat. As competition to what they feel they deserve, crushing them makes them feel better. It shows their lack of character and self esteem and has nothing to do with us. So forget it and forget them!

There is a possibility we are the ones making ourselves doubt. Many people grow up hearing you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, you can’t, you’ll never. But, know what? That mindset is generational. We hear it because our parents did and so did their parents and it’s about 18 different kinds of sad and stupid. That crap ends right here, let it go! Darlin you are more than enough, I am more than enough and so is everyone else. If someone, even you, tells you can’t do something. Give them the best Professor Snape glare you got and tell them to watch you!!

Have a good one, BJ

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